End of the Season Gold Striker Update!

 Well, it's now officially the end of the season, meaning it's time for an end of the season Gold Striker update. Keep in mind that the Sky Tower closed for the season last weekend, therefore making it tough to photograph what's going on. A lot of the changes are not really visible from ground level and are actually best viewed outside of the park.

One of the views from outside of the park, where season pass processing is done late in the season.
Note the leveled ground in the back. The drop will be coming down this area.

Also seen from outside of the park, it looks like the dead man's turn has really taken shape. The airtime hill before the midway turn is also beginning to form. Lastly, the (rather high) brake run is going up.

Minus the brake run in the back, nothing has really changed out on this end. However, as mentioned, this will dramatically change the park's skyline and Celebration Plaza.

Here is a clearer view of the recent changes.

The overview taken from Carousel Columbia.

The midway turn could very well get bigger this week! I just wish I could be there to see it next weekend :)

Another overview shot of the back side taken from Delta Flyer/Eagle's Flight.

In line for Slaughter House, it does appear like the midway turn has grown a bit. Taken from the backside.

The bottom of the Dead Man's Turn, curving upward!

Coming out of the midway turn, closeup.

And I'll end it with a panoramic view of the Dead Man's Turn.

That's all for now, stay tuned for off-season updates! I do plan on checking out California's Great America's "Global Winter Wonderland" (http://globalwonderland.org/) to see how things are going with the construction as well as catch some offseason rides!

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