Gold Striker Update (again!)

Since I'm at the park every week, this past month I've been able to really follow the Gold Striker construction. A lot has changed within the past week and I'll be curious as to how it will look when the park opens in limited op mode for Global Winter Wonderland.

Anyway, here's what's going on as of late.

When making my routine run on the park's observation tower, I noticed the surrounding normally landscaped area looked rather...bare. Allergy sufferers, you have been warned!

The latest happenings on the wood structure. It is amazing to see how much has happened in just a single week. These sections are really starting to become connected to each other.

Some more bents await their vertical positions over on the other side. Notice how empty it looks down at the bottom of the photo due to missing greenery.
Not a whole lot has happened here quite yet but this will dramatically change the entrance into Celebration Plaza once the midway turn goes up.

Note the tiny opening that the track will go through. Anyone brave enough to keep their hands up in this area? 
 Taken from under the construction wall, you can see how much the terrain is not flat, making this somewhat a terrain-based coaster.

Front view of the site. Once the midway turn goes up, everything you see now will no longer be visible...so enjoy the view while you can!

Making way towards Xtreme, this may be some of the last views we will see as there will not be a whole lot more changes you can spot from back here.

As mentioned, greenery has been removed to make way for the one-of-a-kind drop wrapping the Star Tower. In the mean time, it is very strange being in line for the tower.
Rebar has gone in for the foundation for the lift and bottom of the first drop. I can almost guarantee that this will be cemented in before the weekend.

More shredded greenery...I've never seen us so excited over green waste.

This turn looks pretty tall from this angle. From the other side, it doesn't look as high due to the terrain.
Some night time photos from Great America's "Slaughter House" line. Plenty of head choppers to be had towards the right!

 A nice, panoramic view of the area in the early morning fog. Taken via the iPhone's panoramic mode just in case you're curious.

A new view taken from the Carousel Columbia. I have not ridden this attraction in a while so I never realized the view it offers.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week's update!

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