Gold Striker Update (Another weekly update)

I'm back with the 4th consecutive week of updates as I've been attending the park's Haunt event. If you have not made it out to Haunt yet, do so now! You've got 1 last weekend to do so and it will be busy! Anyway, back to Gold Striker. Unfortunately, the Star Tower ride was down, making it a challenge on getting any good views of the coaster. Luckily, Carousel Columbia offers a decent view of what's going on behind that wall. If you do want another nice view, you could always check out Xtreme Skyflyer as well, just no picture-taking.
Star Tower was closed all day today.
This attraction is closed for a good reason. Note how much more groundwork is going on back there.

Some new vertical construction is rising right behind the wall!

This is quite close to the walkway. You can actually smell the fresh wood!

An overview at ground level. This is going to dramatically change Celebration Plaza!

As you can see, there are still layers of wood in need to be laid out for the track.

An overview from Carousel Columbia will have to do.

While it may not look like much has changed on this side, the Dead Man's Turn received its first layer of wood!

The midway turn from the "Slaughter House" entrance.

Another view of the Dead Man's Turn
Bottom of Dead Man's Turn and backside of crane.

Stay tuned for next weekend as the park season comes to a close. I will attempt to keep the updates coming in during the offseason as a webcam should be going live real soon!

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