Gold Striker Construction Update

This is my first "Off-season" update on Gold Striker. The park just posted some really good photos of the latest progress on Gold Striker on their Facebook page and in just 4 days, it looks like a lot has taken shape! Photos were taken by California's Great America.

A lot more has cleared around the tower. It also appears that the cement slab for part of the lift and station has been formed.

A POV shot entering the Dead Man's Turn, with some very low headchoppers overhead!

A shot taken from inside one of the final turnarounds, showing the last turn into the brake run. Note the additional head choppers in the final turn!

The "miners" are hard at work!

And something I have not been able see for a few weeks now. A lot has taken shape over the past 2 weeks!

The coaster as a whole, so far. The midway turn has grown a lot in the past few days!

More track work is going on with the Dead Man's Turn.

This looks twisty as always!

Dead Man's Turn, airtime hill leading to midway turn, and brake run!
This coaster's beginning to become a tangled mess of wood!

The cement slab next to the pictorium has finally been poured!

Final shot of the midway turn and it's heavy banking!

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