Gold Striker update, holiday style!

I'm back with another update as I did my first visit to the park's Global Winter Wonderland event. While the park itself doesn't run this, another group rents the park's space for the event and transforms it into a winter wonderland! This opened up some opportunities to check in on Gold Striker and it has been a month since I've actually seen this in person and it is looking quite amazing!

From outside the gates, you can see that the lift has gotten taller!
Yes, there are workers inside working on the bents!
A rare aerial view of the Midway Turn's footers.

Midway turn from inside the park. Celebration Plaza looks very different now!

The foundation still being prepped for cement. You can see that all of the queue has been pretty much
removed and will be significantly altered once the construction is complete.

The lift rises from behind the Carousel Souvenirs shop.

And an overview of the site at night. I really can't wait to ride this thing!
There were also several lanterns set up inside the park. This was in the carousel's
reflection pool. It was very surreal to see.

More light displays with Gold Striker in the background.

And a final shot looking towards the park's gates.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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