Weekly Update!

Happy Monday! Just a week away from Global Winter Wonderland at Great America, and some more Gold Striker construction! In the mean time, I'm back with some more construction photos of Gold Striker, some taken by California's Great America, and some taken by a fellow coaster enthusiast that happened to be in the area to snag some photos!

Some photos taken from Patrick Henry Dr, a little side street along the back side of Great America

The 2nd turnaround from street view.

An overview on what's visible from the area.

Over at Star Tower, things are looking quite bare! And yes, that's the Midway Turn rising behind the gravel pile! Also note the Global Winter Wonderland props sitting in  the background.

Now that this area's been cleared from what was a nice grassy area, this can be used to prepare the bents for vertical construction!

A tad hard to tell but the bottom of the 'double down' drop sits just beyond the gravel pile.

Just a few days later, the lift has began to rise.
-Photo by California's Great America-

The midway turn looks nearly complete, except the fact that they are probably layering the track.
-Photo by California's Great America-

Foundation work for the lift and drop. This should be very interesting riding Star Tower next season!
-Photo by California's Great America-

Another shot of the lift going up!
-Photo by California's Great America-

Here's a few from Great Coasters International's Facebook page. It is very open now around Star Tower!
-Photo by GCI-

Looking back at the lift construction, you can see the lift construction, as well as the bottom of the first drop!
-Photo by GCI-

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