Gold Striker continues to grow

After being slammed by a series of heavy storms, Gold Striker is back on track. I was back out at the park this weekend with several other fellow coaster enthusiasts to catch the latest progress and enjoy another evening of Global Winter Wonderland. I'd like to thank fellow coaster enthusiast/friend "Blue Fire Guy" for the daytime shots as it was dark by the time I had arrived out at the park.

After a healthy storm that hit the bay area, some of the concrete slabs have been formed.

Workers are working on the bottom portion of the first drop, being the 'double-down' section

Not much has changed here since the last update but definitely looks more solid now!

Steel tracking has been placed on the Dead Man's Curve facing Xtreme.

A look at the steep banking coming out of the initial drop.

Wood being delivered to the newly slabbed area.

You can't say they don't have enough workers! It also looks like there's some more track
to be laid down coming out of the midway turn.
Evening shots of the lift structure and the bottom of initial drop.

Work is done for the night.

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