Gold Striker Construction Update

California's Great America uploaded some new images to their Facebook showing off the latest progress on Gold Striker. A few notes:
  • Lift is now connected from the base
  • Speed hill after first drop and before first turnaround is now connected
  • First drop continues to grow and wrap the Star Tower
Here's the photos they uploaded!

This shot shows that a lot has happened! To the left, the big wooden construction
wall has been dismantled and it looks like a concrete wall has gone up. I'm guessing some
iron fencing will be mounted on top of that to compete the height of the fence.

The lift now reaches the base, meeting the turnaround leaving the station. Also finally connected
is the speed hill/station flyby.

The bottom of the first drop continues to make its way around the star tower, slowly but surely.

This is a little taste of what we will see when in line for Star Tower.
Hopefully they'll do some landscaping inside this area as it looks much like a construction site
than anything else! CGA does seem to take pride in their landscaping so we shall see!

The midway turn peeks above the Carousel Souvenirs shop.

There's still quite a ways to go for the lift but it will get there!

Coming from the station flyby into a series of headchoppers

Looking back at the growing first drop

Coming out of the station, with flyby in foreground.

Another view coming out of the flyby

Coming into the flyby

Another view coming into the flyby

Soon it will reach its apex!

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