More views of Gold Striker!

California's Great America added a handful of new photos offering more views of Gold Striker from behind the fence on their Facebook album today.

A familiar view, which should be growing soon.
Note the layers that have been done already.

Workers on the brake run. Also, the turn prior to the lift still has yet to go up.

But by the looks of it it could very well go up very soon!

Yes, we get to squeeze through this tiny space leading to the speed hill.
The turn leading back to the station is just above.

After a moment of airtime over the speed hill, another tight squeeze approaches.
This should change and grow pretty son as well.

Some more work on brake run and pre-lift turn around.
I never realized how uneven the terrain is back there
and this angle shows what they have to work with.

A final look up the lift section with the Star Tower.
Photos taken by California's Great America.

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