Some new changes, plus mystery project?

First off, happy new year! With this said, the Au13 Construction Watch has taken on a dramatically new look and is now California's Great America Insider (or CGA Insider for short). Gold Striker updates will continue to appear here, as well as you will now see general Great America park updates and future projects!

I just did my first visit in the park for the 2013 season and within a week's time not much has changed with Gold Striker construction. However there can never be too many shots of Gold Striker especially in it's current state!

Lift still has lots to be done.

Drop remains the same but still looks like it's going to be pretty forceful!

There was however some track work going on that day despite the poor weather
looming over the park.

Looking back at the drop as dark clouds approach.

I can only imagine what the full lift is going to look like.

Yup, they're still plugging away despite how ugly it looks out there'

A final look at Gold Striker for the night.

And in other news, numerous markings have appeared throughout CGA's parking lot. I'm not quite sure what is going on just yet other than maybe some serious parking lot overhaul and perhaps electrical work. Who knows, maybe the lot could be redone for future expansion or attraction...one can hope, right?

Possible rewire? Perhaps this is only going to be electrical work...

That's it for now! Stay tuned for more CGA news!

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