CGA Independence Day Weekend Updates & Gold Striker

The past few days have been a busy few days for the park, in light of Independence Day Weekend. As many know, Gold Striker took on some modifications last week in response to the screaming rider dilemma. The short downtime actually provided some time to give some much-needed attention to Gold Striker's queue.

One of the first few noticeable things in the queue were some extra wood (above) added to the fencing and some heavier gauge metal wiring (below) further up the queue. 

Unfortunately, during the past month of the coaster being open, Gold Striker's queue faces an up hill battle against vandals who either bend the metal wires on the fencing (which eventually causes metal fatigue and leads to wires breaking off), or...pardon the expression being rather idiotic, writing on the walls, sharing their Instagram accounts. The park is out there every day sanding down the walls only to have them littered with vandalism by the end of the day...it's quite sad these days as people have no respect for other people's property.

One of many wires that were ripped apart...
Let's now take a look at one of the important things done to Gold Striker, that is...the new 70-foot descent tunnel!

 This tunnel not only dampens riders' screams as they take on one of many surprise moments but it actually enhances the surprise moment (which is one of the many spots where your experiencing some airtime)! I found myself quickly pulling my hands down as the train would dive through the tunnel. We can only imagine that the tunnel will slowly get fully painted to match the rest of the ride.

A look at the newly added tunnel from White Water Falls. It reminds us of
Ghost Rider down at Knotts as it is open on the ends.

Now it's time for some other general park updates! One new thing added this weekend was a "Spin the Wheel" game where you would pay a small fee, spin the wheel and guarantee to win something. Odds seemed pretty high for "Front of the line" passes, which were being used for Gold Striker. The fast lane queue was actually bustling 7/7/13!

A lot of guests were spinning the wheel before
getting in line for Gold Striker. It is quite tempting!

 And for the last bit of news, it appears that something has started to rise...something like....a Haunt maze! It's July but Haunt will be here before we know it! Wonder what it will be...

 Stay tuned for future updates and be sure to follow CGA Insider on Facebook for frequent park updates!


  1. In the last image, that wood is obviously for another tunnel on GS. ;)

  2. Would you say Saturdays or worse than Sundays?? I am going to be down there for a work thing from the 27-the 2nd. I will be free to do whatever I want on Saturday and Sunday. I am planning on doing GA one day and then playing around and heading to Santa Cruz the other. I was planning on doing GA Saturday (Land at 8 in the morning, eat something, then head to the park first thing) and Santa Cruz Sunday Afternoon. Does that sound bad?

    On a side note I am going to get a fast lane pass thing. Should I be OK on Saturday with that pass?? Or should I plan on Sunday instead?

  3. Based on our experience, Saturdays are typically busier than Sundays...especially during summer months. I'd recommend Fast Lane if you're going Saturday. Wait times for Gold Striker have been an hour + on Saturdays with a full queue. If this is your first visit, I'd definitely get Fast Lane so you can experience all the park's coasters. Forewarn you, Grizzly has the slowest-moving lines in the park due to slow operations.

  4. Slow even with Fast lane? How does the fast lane there work? Do the FL queues go right to the front? Do they merge with the normal queue? What would you say the expected wait would be with a fast lane for the coasters? And any other non coaster rides the fast lane pass is good on? And the Hour+ on gold striker that is normal queue right??? lol Thanks again!!

    1. FL merges at the station. There's actually a grouper at the station entry who regulates flow/assigns rows to riders. Pretty smooth/efficient!

      GS's 1-hour wait is normal queue...I'd expect 5 minute wait with FL, with pretty much any ride. I've never done FL as we're out there all the time, no need to use such.

    2. Sweet! The only thing that concerns me is you said "egulates flow/assigns rows to riders" Does this mean they pick where you sit? Or do you mean they let people in and then you get to pick what row you want to sit in?

      It sounds like going on a Saturday with a fast lane pass is pretty nice and easy (Except you still are dealing with lots of people in places other than the queues lol)

    3. Depends on grouper and ride. Sometimes they tell you to pick an empty row, others fill from front to back. Gold Striker always assign rows while the others really depend on grouper.

  5. That is somewhat lame. :( Does anyone know how many they sell during a day? And they work on flat rides too don't they?