Another Haunt Update + More!

At California's Great America, the vibe of Haunt is in the air. Ride closures are coming up and/or have begun in preparation for Haunt, and banners have popped up everywhere.

Workers install banner outside park in the morning.

The park does not want to let you forget that Haunt is approaching soon.

Finished banner outside of park.
Banners aren't the only thing going up. The park's existing mazes from previous years are starting to rise. Rue Le Dodge is actually closed for the season in preparation of CarnEvil.

Jack is back! He isn't quite operating yet but that will come soon.

Over the course of the park's first week off from operation, CarnEvil popped up
rather quick. Certainly there's more to do but a lot of the walls are already up!

Zombie High's walls are also going up.

Madame Marie's Massacre Manor's facade is now set up.

That's all on the Haunt updates for now. Let's take a look at what else has been going on at the park since the park had its first 'off-week' to get things in order. When getting in line for Gold Striker, you will immediately notice how "open" the queue feels. New fencing has gone up, as an attempt to thwart pesky vandals as there's less writing surface for them to write on. On the flipside, there is more airflow now in the narrow corridor.

Something seems different here.

Current fencing setup.
Previous fencing, where the park used darker paint.

It feels more open now.

Fresh paint anyone?

I find this very ironic and hypocritical. People have no respect.

Yes, people disgust me. This was actually
written on the coaster itself.

The mine shaft is now darker. It feels more like a mine shaft now.
Stay tuned for more updates at CGA as Haunt approaches!
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