End of Season General Park Update + Haunt photos

We've reached that time of year when Haunt comes to and end and CGA would be facing that lovely "off season." But things are a bit different this year as we have WinterFest in about a month. Great America will have a brief hiatus before the gates are reopened for their first Holiday event in a long time (Not including Global Winter Wonderland). With this last weekend of normal operation we have a general park update. Let's start off with Patriot.

Much of the visible work is done on Patriot at this time (painting) and work continues on the actual ride system upgrade. We'll let some of the photos do the explaining.

Retractable floors are in the process of being installed. Hoping that the station itself will get a roof,
something park fans have been wanting so they aren't roasting in the summer heat.

Drive tires and friction brakes have been pulled off the brake run. Patriot will have magnetic brakes installed.
As we took our flight on Delta Flyer/Eagles flight, we noticed something on the 2 southernmost towers - have also received a fresh coat of paint!

The newly painted tower matches Patriot's blue track. You can also see the difference between the tower in the foreground and the tower just ahead with its dull blue paint.

Heading back from our "round trip" on Delta Flyer/Eagles Flight, old paint in foreground,
new paint on the last 2 towers. They pop! It's also raining further down in Los Gatos, at the base of the mountains.

Winterfest scenary continues to appear among the Haunt festivities, with a lot of things taking place back stage. One of the things we noticed was as one exits Wax Museum, you're greeted with giant steel candy cane structures, all part of Candy Cane Lane.

Candy Cane Lane will serve as a temporary path between Home Town Square and...All American Corners/Mass Effect area. The back of the park will be closed off so rides on Demon, Grizzly, Drop Tower etc will have to wait til next year.
Entry from over by First Aid
Where two holidays collide :)
Close up of the large ornaments in the trees, near First Aid.
The service road is lined with giant candy canes and overhead lighting. Guests will cut through First Aid on the other side over to the restrooms behind Delirium on this side of the park.

Lighting and decorations in Orlean's Place

Continuing into the evening we decided to snap a few photos from around the park during one of the final Haunt nights (and it was insanely packed!). We did check out the modified Dead and Breakfast and found it to be a decent maze considering the park had about a week's time to transform it. Still pretty detailed and one would almost never know it was Insanitarium a week prior to its reopening.

A bit late in the season but Firefall's fire was up and running. Would be nice to see this ride run during Winterfest as it's almost like a giant fire pit to keep park guests warm :)

Our first time ever using the stand by lines this season, gave us this nice photo op of Toy Factory's signage.
On our way out we decided to try some long exposure shots of Celebration Swings, Kind of looks like a
light-up yoyo or a spinning top :)

Did you get to visit Haunt or normal op Great America this season? What were some of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below!

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