CGA New Dining Options for 2018

California's Great America is up for an exciting 2018 season. As we know, RailBlazer will be opening, but there's more to visiting the theme parks than going on rides and catching some live shows. At some point you'll have to fuel up so you can enjoy the rest of your day at the park. With that said, there are 4 new food additions coming to Great America this season!

The brand new, full-service Starbucks will be situated in the park’s Hometown Square area, just past Celebration Swings. All Starbucks favorite beverages including classic coffees, Frappuccinos® and Macchiatos, exotic teas, seasonal beverages and more will be available. The food menu includes fresh sandwiches, fruit and protein snacks, and bakery treats like scones, bagels, cakes and cookies.

Guests will enjoy the oversized window seating that provides a picturesque view of the midway. Additionally, a new outdoor patio will create street-front café ambience. The interior will be decorated with classic images from Great America’s historic past. Starbucks will be situated where Candy Café was previously located.

An entirely new home is being constructed for French Quarter Funnel Cake & Churro Factory. The ever-popular Great America funnel cakes will be taken to another level in 2018 with a myriad of flavor combinations that can be mixed and matched to individual preferences, and created right in front of guests. The classic strawberry and powdered sugar funnel cakes are here to stay, and will be joined by new great flavors like blueberry, caramel, apple, cookies and cream, tropical coconut and pineapple.

The innovative churro selections include Campout (s’mores), key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, creamsicle, cookies and cream, tropical (coconut, pineapple and rum flavor), macha (white chocolate and Bavarian cream), cotton candy, apple pie and many more flavors.

Guests can enjoy their custom creations in Orleans Place’s new outside patio, situated where Sweet Tooth was previously located.

Dining in the Planet Snoopy kids’ area will take on a completely new flavor and feel, as Joe Cool Café is re-imagined into Sierra Creek Lodge. The family dining experience will introduce a mountain lodge feel from the exterior woodwork to the interior décor. Murals featuring wild animals will don the walls, and the indoor furnishings will add to the Sierra atmosphere. The serving lines will be doubled for faster service, and an extended patio will offer more space for families to gather, dine and relax.

New food selections will include a Panini bar featuring fresh vegetables, lean meats and savory sauces. A new Coca-Cola Barrilitos™ station will feature agua fresca (juice and water blends) such as pear cucumber, mango lime, strawberry hibiscus, and pineapple. Kid favorites like chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and pizza will still be available.

Another sweet food addition for 2018 is Orleans Candy Kitchen, a classic confectionery that includes a station where guests will order specialty caramel apples, choose their personalized toppings and have the delectable favorites made right before their eyes. From classic caramel, to house made pralines, to an assortment of crushed candies and nuts, the possibilities for custom-tailoring are endless.

Candy aficionados and guests of all ages will be drawn to the fudge making that happens in the front window of Orleans Candy Kitchen. Fun flavors include peanut butter, caramel, strawberry, white chocolate, and cookies and cream. The venue will provide that old-time candy shop feel with a cornucopia of salt-water taffy offerings, chocolate covered Oreos® and crispy rice treats, and a wide assortment of Bay Area created Jelly Belly® flavors. Orleans Candy Kitchen replaces Trending Now. 
In 2017, the iconic Great America restaurant reinvented itself by delivering mouth-watering barbeque favorites like brisket, pulled pork and ribs. Now the dining experience will be modernized with more ordering kiosks for faster service, a giant rotisserie and smoker visible to guests, an expanded outdoor patio, and interior design renovations.

Two new offerings for corporate events will greatly enhance Great America’s catering possibilities. A new 500 person covered outdoor event space is being built adjacent to the almost 18,000 sq. ft. Great America Pavilion. Features include the same upscale catering offered inside the pavilion, outdoor HD television monitors, and an open-air feel to deliver park and stadium views.

The private Consulate chambers, offering a beautiful park view from the top of Orleans Place, is being updated with modern amenities for intimate private meetings. Hosting up to 50 attendees, the historic Consulate was originally constructed as an apartment for the Marriott family while the park and neighboring hotel were being built.

The exterior of the new Starbucks location.
Press image provided by California's Great America

The interior of the new Starbucks location.
Press image provided by California's Great America

Between Haunt and WinterFest 2017, the iconic Sweet Tooth in the outskirts of Orleans Place was demolished. A new building will be going up for the new French Quarter Funnel Cakes. Sweet Tooth was a highly popular place to go to and was always a must for guests before they end their day at the park.

Candy Cafe in Hometown Square will be converted to the new Starbucks, and guests will still be able to get their candy fix at the new Orleans Candy Kitchen below the Consulate (Where Trending Now/The Mistletoe was). We were particularly excited to hear about the idea of classic images of Great America's history being up inside the Starbucks.

Interior of the Sierra Creek Lodge.
Press image provided by California's Great America
Borrowing a pic from California Coaster Kings (Be sure to check them out!), this is the exterior of the Grizzly Creek Lodge down at Knott's Berry Farm. While we haven't seen any renders of the exterior, we can only image it would look like.

The one that got us the most excited though was the Sierra Creek Lodge. Doing some looking, sister park Knott's also has a "Lodge" style restaurant in their kids area known as "Grizzly Creek Lodge." Planet Snoopy was once known as Yukon Territory, an area that sported a wilderness theme. Six Flags Great America, a once sister park still has their Yukon Territory and lodge style restaurant so having a spiritual return is definitely welcome. Only thing that now begs the question is...what about the rest of Planet Snoopy?

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