CGA Update - South Bay Shores, and Decking the Halls

It's nearly our favorite time of the year at California's Great America as the park readies itself for it's 4th WinterFest. We love Haunt, but I think WinterFest has taken our hearts as the atmosphere is much more relaxed and everyone sets their differences aside to enjoy a night out - something much needed in today's world...but I digress.

North Pole - aka Star Tower. More on this later

Giant toy soldiers greet guests as they enter the gates

We decided to check out one of the final "Fall Bonus Days" at CGA and it lived up to our expectations - light crowds! We decided to stroll the park and look at all of the happenings (and in my case, see it from a guest's eyes) as well as take a peek at South Bay Shores construction.
South Bay Shores construction appears to be moving along at a nice pace and this was the first I have gotten a chance to look at it from Eagle's Flight/Delta Flyer since August (We've been busy with work and life, so these updates don't come too often!). The slide tower is nearly complete with exception of plumbing/electrical, finishing out the runoffs for the body slides, and construction of the pool.

Slide tower is just about finished.

View of the front section of South Bay Shores

Footers for the world's tallest....shade structure!

WinterFest is being assembled at a pretty good pace - with a quick turnaround from scary to merry. We snapped a few photos of the happenings around the park as well.

Guests don't normally get to see the 60-foot tree in the daylight.
The mirrors really shimmer in the day!

1 of many ride "renames" for WinterFest

12 Days of Christmas - the holiday overlay for Barney Oldfield's

A partridge in a pear tree!

Gingerbread Village's new home out in front of South Bay Shores (Former location of Artisan Alley)

The "Bloodyard Stage" is getting reskinned as well
View from the North Pole - Snow Flake Lake construction - ice is forming and the deck area is being finished up. The front plaza looks really nice with the new pavers.

Over at Tinsel Town, vintage style "yard cutouts" dot the area...wait a sec, what's that?

Hooray for easter eggs!

Overall, these "Fall Bonus Days" really were a bonus for us - a great opportunity to squeeze in some thrills before shifting our park experiences to prioritize the live entertainment offerings of WinterFest.

I love how messed up this raven turn looks!

These fall bonus days meant no waits this morning on RailBlazer - got to ride twice back-to-back as nobody was in line :)

Stay tuned for our next park update - when WinterFest is up and running!

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