About Us

Thrills by the Bay was formed back when Gold Striker at California's Great America was being built. Since the coaster's construction, we decided that the "AU13 Construction Blog" (as this was originally known as) should continue to follow the happenings at Great America, rebranding the construction blog as "CGA Insider." Not long after, we wanted to expand our horizons and cover the Bay Area amusement parks and provide quality content to share among the amusement park enthusiast community.

Thrills by the Bay was created on a cold December 2013 and has grown since then. We cover bay area amusement parks including California's Great America, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Gilroy Gardens, Raging Waters San Jose, and Waterworld California.

Disclaimer: While we are employed at California's Great America, all thoughts and updates are our own. 

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